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Welcome To MeadowBrook At Pleasant Valley!
Waunakee, Wisconsin

(Pools are now OPEN!  See the updates, below, including info about our new website:

Current MeadowBrook News       

POOL INFO:  UPDATE (8/9 at 11:30 am):  The pools are OPEN once again under their normal hours of operation.  Thanks for everyone's patience.  As a reminder, the pools currently close at 8:30 pm, and we'll be moving the closing time back to 8:00 pm later in the month as the days continue to get shorter.    

Previous:  There are a few changes to the pool rules and new daily pool hours for 2018.  The most significant changes to the rules affect young teens.  (posted 5/18/18)

NOTICE: NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON:  The company that hosts this website ( is currently having a variety of technical and customer support issues.  Because we cannot perform basic processes, such as receiving and activating new users, the HOA Board has reluctantly determined that we need to change our website host and platforms.  The new website ( is currently under construction, but now mostly functional.  HOA members should register for an account at the new website as this site will soon be disconnected.  If you need anything related to the HOA (key fob, NCP reservations, etc.) during the transition and have trouble with either website, please send an email to [email protected] or contact one of the HOA Board members.  Thank you. 

Nestled in the scenic countryside of Waunakee, MeadowBrook lies in a place the Native Americans called "fair and pleasant valley."  There are approximately 125 single-family homes and 40 condominium homes in MeadowBrook.  The centerpiece of MeadowBrook is a private Neighborhood Center & Pools (NCP) where families gather for meetings, parties and to swim.  The MeadowBrook Center includes two pools for neighbors to enjoy all summer long.  The Center also includes a full kitchen, dining room, game room with billiards table and foosball table, a deck overlooking the ponds and pools for viewing the breath taking sunsets and a very large “family” room.

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