MeadowBrook HOA, P.O. Box 142, Waunakee, Wisconsin


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New Neighbor Information/FAQs
NOTICE (May 2018):  The HOA website currently will not accept new members.  The problem is through our website host (, and not something we can control. The company is aware that the issue is affecting many of their customers' sites.  Current website members can still login.  If you do not have an account for the website and need anything related to the HOA (key fob, NCP reservations, etc.), please send an email to or contact one of the HOA Board members.  Thank you for your patience

1.  I recently moved into the neighborhood.  What are my first steps for connecting to the MeadowBrook Home Owners' Association (HOA)?  

Answer:  Here are the main steps: 

    • As soon as possible, request approval of a user name (an email address) and establish a password for this website. (On this page or at the top of the home page, click on the "Register" link.)  Registrations need to be reviewed and approved--for whatever reason a number of nonresidents attempt to obtain a login.  It shouldn't take more than a day or two for someone to get back to you.  
    • Once you have a member login for the website, you can request an electronic key fob through a form on the website. The fobs are needed to access the pool and the Neighborhood Center.  
    • As an HOA member, you can reserve the Neighborhood Center (but not the pool) for parties, meetings, and other events.  New reservations are submitted by filling out a form that is available on the website.  There is a nominal hourly reservation fee, which can be paid online via a credit or debit card through the website.  
    • Determine how you will pay your annual HOA dues (see next question).  

If you have any problems with obtaining website access, send an email through the Contact Us page.  If you have website access, but have concerns or questions about any of the above processes, feel free to contact any of the members of the HOA Board of Directors.  The HOA Board and all of its related activities (landscaping, pool operations, NCP reservations, etc.) operate primarily on a volunteer basis.  Please be patient with us! 

2.  How much are the HOA dues? 

Answer:  Neighborhood HOA dues are set annually by the HOA Board of Directors.  In 2018, the total annual dues are $660 per household (condo association dues, if applicable, are separate).  Dues can be paid in a single payment in January, or a homeowner who sets up automatic withdrawal authorization may pay dues in quarterly installments. To pay via ACH installments, print and complete the ACH form from the website.  Then, mail the completed form to the MeadowBrook accountant:

MeadowBrook HOA Accountant

PO Box 142

Waunakee, WI  53597

NOTE:  Dues cannot be paid by credit card due to the percentage that the credit card processing companies would charge the HOA. . 

3.  I noticed the Neighborhood Center & Pools facility (NCP) is locked.  How do I access the NCP? 

Answer: You can obtain a key FOB to access the Neighborhood Center & Pools facility by filling out the request form on the NCP section of the website.

4.  When is trash and recycling picked up? 

Answer:  Trash is picked up every Tuesday and recycling is picked up every other Tuesday.  See the Pellitteri Waste Systems link on the Home page for the pick up schedule.  You also call them at 608-257-4285 if you need trash and/or recycling bins. 

5.  I moved into a newly built home, and there isn't a mailbox.  How do I obtain a mailbox? 

Answer:  You can obtain a post and mailbox from the MeadowBrook developer. 

Pat O'Connor



6.  I want more information about MeadowBrook.  Who can I contact?  

Answer:  You can use the Contact Us page to email the HOA (  If you have obtained login access to the website, you can also email or call any of the Board of Directors.  Board members' contact information is available on the website under the Information/Board Of Directors page.